UK Boarding School Middle East Tour – Information Days

UK Boarding School Middle East Tour – Our Education Consultants visit the Gulf region regularly. Each year they visit:

A UK boarding school is a popular choice for families and the free help and advice offered by the boarding school specialists is much appreciated by families, both ex-pats and locals. The UK schools accept boarders from the age of 8 years; this excellent caring education provides a home from home environment specialising in nurturing each child’s talents and skills.


Considering at what age you would like your child to start boarding and preparing them well, ensures a very excited child joining a group of new friends. Popular entry points are at age 11yrs (entering Year 7), age 13yrs (entering Year 9) or age 16yrs (entering the Sixth Form / Year 12).

Many families living in the Gulf region have found it extremely beneficial to fly to Dubai to attend the UK Boarding School Exhibition; it provides you with the opportunity to have a face to face meeting with the schools.

Your service is really what we need here in the Middle East when it comes to finding a brighter future for our children. You offered me immediate follow up and the support I needed- Mother of Yousef


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