UK Boarding School Exhibition

If like many local and expat families living in the Middle East or Nigeria you are considering a UK boarding school for stability of education or a stepping stone to university, there is no better place to start than the UK Boarding School Exhibition.

Boarding School Tennis
Boarding School Sport
Happy Students

Now in its 17th consecutive year, this well-established and highly regarded event is a good starting point in your search for the best school for your child. It will give you the opportunity to talk to heads and representatives of up to 30 UK boarding schools, find out what the schools have to offer, the many opportunities available and what boarding life is really like.

Focus on Boarding
View our Focus on Boarding video: what experts, teachers and pupils have to say.
Dubai Exhibition 
Enables families living in the Gulf to meet heads and representatives of top boarding schools.
Nigeria Exhibition
UK Boarding Schools are a popular choice for families living and working in Nigeria
Ghana Exhibition
We are delighted to announce the UK Boarding Schools Exhibition in Accra, the capital of Ghana

The UK Boarding School Tours

Our Education Consultants visit the Gulf region regularly to meet with families and offer free information and advice on UK boarding schools, summer and language programmes.

  • Kuwait (January)
  • Bahrain (January)
  • Oman (January)
  • Qatar (January)
  • Dubai (February/November)
  • Abu Dhabi (November)
  • Saudi Arabia (Al Khobar) (November)

The UK Boarding School Tours of the Middle East aim to meet families interested in UK schools to offer free impartial help and guidance on the best boarding school for each child.


The pre-tour promotion includes newspaper and radio interviews and daily Tour progress updates. News items in local newspapers, poster and internet promotion all provide accurate and clear information for families living and working in the Middle East. As word spreads and the importance of the Tours become widely known, many families are eager to meet us to talk through the important decision of which boarding school to choose.

If you are interested in boarding schools, summer schools or language programmes make sure you come along and talk to us. Also visit our boarding schools advice website in order to view our school directory

Two very happy parents and an extremely happy daughter
Added: 2018-07-09   |  Tags:  latest
We were looking for a school for our daughter with what I thought was almost unobtainable criteria however with the help, advice and support of Anderson Education we found an amazing school.

Drive Live Radio Interview discussing Boarding School Options
Added: 2016-11-12   |  Tags:  latest
Drive Live Radio Interview discussing Boarding School Options

Summer Schools in the UK are educational and fun
Added: 2016-04-07   |  Tags:  latest
Summer Schools in the UK are educational and fun; a wide range of activities, busy social programme, trips and opportunity to make new friends!

A Level or IB?
Added: 2016-04-07   |  Tags:  latest
A Level or IB? Mark Mortimer, Head of Warminster School expands on the subject

The Telegraph Festival of Business SME of the Year
Added: 2015-04-27   |  Tags:  latest
Britain’s small and medium-sized businesses are the driving force behind the national economic recovery - and entries into the Telegraph Festival of Business SME of the Year

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