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UK Boarding School Exhibition

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If like many local and expat families living in the Middle East or Nigeria you are considering a UK boarding school for stability of education or a stepping stone to university, there is no better place to start than the UK Boarding School Exhibition.  Now in its 13th consecutive year, this well-established and highly regarded event is a good starting point in your search for the best school for your child.  It will give you the opportunity to talk to heads and representatives of up to 30 UK boarding schools, find out what the schools have to offer, the many opportunities available and what boarding life is really like.


The Anderson Education team of Education Consultants have visited over 350 UK boarding schools and are able to offer you advice and guidance and recommend schools for you to talk to; they understand that choosing a boarding school for your child is a daunting, emotional and financial decision, made even more difficult when you are living thousands of miles away.  We all want to provide the best education for our children to ensure that they reach their potential academically, provide the foundation for future success and above all are happy! Our education service is unique, personal and free – we look forward to meeting you!

Focus on Boarding
View our Focus on Boarding video: what experts, teachers and pupils have to say.
Dubai Exhibition
Enables families living in the Gulf to meet heads and representatives of top UK Boarding Schools.
learn more
Nigerian Exhibition
UK Boarding Schools are a popular choice for families living and working in Nigeria
learn more
Information Days
We visit the Gulf region regularly to meet families and offer free info and advice on UK Boarding Schools
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The UK Boarding School Tours

Our consultants visit the Gulf region regularly to meet with families and offer free information and advice on UK boarding schools, summer and language programmes.

The UK Boarding School Tours of the Middle East aim to meet families interested in UK schools to offer impartial help and guidance on the best boarding school for each child.

The pre-tour promotion includes newspaper and radio interviews and daily Tour progress updates. News items in local newspapers, poster and internet promotion all provide accurate and clear information for families living and working in the Middle East. As word spreads and the importance of the Tours become widely known, many families are eager to meet us to talk through the important decision of which boarding school to choose.

If you are interested in boarding schools, summer schools or language programmes make sure you come along and talk to us. Also visit our boarding schools advice website in order to view our school directory

Drive Live Radio Interview discussing Boarding School Options
Added: 21.11.2016   |  Tags:  UK Boarding Schools
Drive Live Radio Interview discussing Boarding School Options

A Level or IB?
Added: 07.04.2016   |  Tags:  UK Boarding Schools
A Level or IB? Mark Mortimer, Head of Warminster School expands on the subject

Summer Schools in the UK are educational and fun
Added: 07.04.2016   |  Tags:  UK Boarding Schools
Summer Schools in the UK are educational and fun; a wide range of activities, busy social programme, trips and opportunity to make new friends!

Talking Heads, Alice Phillips on boarding
Added: 07.04.2016   |  Tags:  UK Boarding Schools
Talking Heads – Alice Phillips, Head of St Catherine’s Bramley talks about The Wonders of Boarding

Meet the parent, an interview with David Reilly
Added: 07.04.2016   |  Tags:  UK Boarding Schools
Meet the parent – An interview with David Reilly explaining why he chose a UK boarding school education for his sons.

The Telegraph Festival of Business SME of the Year
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Britain’s small- and medium-sized businesses are the driving force behind the national economic recovery – and entries into the Telegraph Festival of Business SME of the Year.


Grosvenor House Dubai
UK Boarding School Exhibition DUBAI

Grosvenor House, Dubai
 Friday 9 and Saturday 10 November 2018
Friday 2 - 7pm and Saturday 11 - 4 pm

Register Now - Dubai 2018

The Wheatbaker Hotel Lagos
UK Boarding School Exhibition NIGERIA

Saturday 6th - 11am to 5pm and Sunday 7th October 2018 - 11am to 3pm
LAGOS - Wheatbaker Hotel, 4 Onitilo Road, Ikoyi
Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th October 2018

Anderson Education have seen a growth in enquiries from West Africa, in particular from families living in Nigeria; we are therefore delighted to be working with Mark Brooks Education to arrange the UK Boarding School Exhibitions and UK Boarding School Directory.  Mark visits Nigeria regularly to meet with families and Heads of local schools.

Register for LAGOS   Register for ABUJA

The UK Boarding School Exhibition is a great starting point if you are considering sending your child to be educated in the UK
We were pleased with the wide range of schools represented and across a broad geographical spectrum of the UK - great to see!
It was a fantastic exhibition and I've been raving about it to everybody in Abu Dhabi! Thanks again for a suberb day...very well worth waiting for indeed!!
For us expats, it is very important to know that our children will not feel lonely or left out during the many weekends when we cannot visit them. 
By arranging this annual exhibition, Anderson Education are providing a great service to people in the Middle-East.
We were impressed with the lovely people we met; it was so good to meet someone and not just look at a website. I think you all did a fantastic job
We thought it a well organised event with a very good range of schools so that all kinds of abilities are catered for. It was also impressive that a number of Heads were in attendance and found them a joy to talk to
I found the UK Boarding School Exhibition very informative. Also, I think that to give the option for our children to be interviewed here in Dubai is great. It was lovely talking to you


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